New 473ml Red Bull Cans – More space, same size

I was recently in Waitrose and I noticed a new Red Bull can (Picture below) which could hold an amazing 473ml while still looking still roughly the same size as a normal Red Bull Can. The best price I could find was £1.79 which is a lot more expensive than its nearest 500ml rival (Coca-Cola’s Relentless).

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Apple Can’t Do Math

I was recently checking my emails and I noticed a nice email from Apple informing me on how I can get a great deal on an iPod Touch if I purchased a Mac. Unfortunately I was a little distracted by the pie chart in the background.

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7 Essential Free Programs

Here are some free programs I consider essential for all PC’s.

1. CCleaner

CCleaner is a freeware system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool. In a nutshell this deletes all the temporary files and rubbish that build up over time. It also is able to easily clear up the Windows Registry (Which after a few uninstalls or installs is worth a look).

CCleaner’s Homepage

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Dealing with Clients who don’t Pay

Here is a really easy check-list of how to deal with clients who don’t pay for work.

Send them an email

Your clients are very busy people, luckily they tend to have email also. A polite reminder to their email should jog their memory. Here is an example template email:

Hey [Name],
I done some work [describe work] on [date] and I have not been paid yet ([amount]). Please could you look into it?
[Contact Details]

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It’s alive!

Well, i’ve finally got around to starting a blog. I’ve still got about 100 things I want to change about the layout and backend…so expect this to be ready around 2012 ;)

Take care!